Improving Sleep with Self Hypnosis

William Morrow

Monday, 9:30 am – 11:00 am

3/12/2018- 3/26/2018

3 weeks: $75 members/$94 non-members

Course Description

The behavioral approach to sleep requires no drugs. Self-hypnosis is comprised of relaxation, inner focus, and self-suggestion Sorting fact from fiction, the course will provide the latest general information for understanding insomnia. Once you understand the behavioral solutions, the rest is easy! Students will create their own customized sleep CD for at-home use. Class format is lecture (with visuals) and discussion, with experiential (mental) exercise.

Students should bring to class their cell phone or a recording device.

Day One

Opening intro to use of the imagination
Defining and experiencing how all hypnosis is self-hypnosis
Dealing with myths about hypnosis (Fact or Fiction Exercise)
The nature of insomnia as a common experience
Brief practice exposure to a successful experience of light hypnosis.

Day Two

Review of states of consciousness, sleep and the twilight zone.
What is “sleep hygiene” and sleep reprogramming
Learn “first-aid” of diaphragmatic breathing
Begin to build on peaceful memories, re personal “beauty spot”
Experience of progressive relaxation technique
Discuss cognitive distortions (worries) as impediments to sleep

Day Three

Integrate new material via discussion and questions
Use hand out re practical “Tips for Better Sleep”
Build components of personal Sleep Guide for home use.
Importance of self-suggestions
Introduce method of Sleep Guide, including personalizing process
Self-hypnosis practice experience

William Morrow is a licensed psychotherapist, with a private practice in Ft Myers. He is a member of the Florida Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He regularly uses clinical hypnosis for pain management, and preparation for surgery. The course on sleep was given at the Chautauqua Institute in a recent summer program.