Italian for the Beginner: A Language Class for the Traveler

Teresa Jacob

Tuesday & Friday, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

1/30/2018- 2/23/2018

4 weeks: $80 members/$100 non-members

Course Description

This class is geared for people who have an interest in learning basic Italian phrases that will help when traveling through Italy. It will also deal with pertinent cultural practices. This course will be interactive; with the stress being on speaking, and having fun while learning.


  1.  Introductions and learning how to read in Italian
  2. Greetings & salutations
  3. Asking for directions
  4. Shopping and bargaining – clothing and accessories
  5. Names of foods and market shopping (including numbers)
  6. Reading a menu and ordering in a restaurant
  7. Paying the bill and what bill entails
  8. Summary and/or having an Italian lunch

Instructor Bio

Teresa (Frandina) Jacob, who was born in Italy, enjoys traveling and because she has travelled extensively, she realizes the importance of foreign languages.  She holds several post graduate degrees in languages (Italian, Spanish, English, Teacher Education and School Administration, and has taught all levels (adolescent through adult).