Painting Wildlife & Landscapes

Nancy Tome

Tuesday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

3/6/2018- 3/27/2018

4 weeks: $135 members/$169 non-members

Tome Nancy Painting Wildlife and Landscapes

Create your own wildlife/landscape painting! Starting with the basics, we will work through developing ideas and how to lay out the composition of your painting. Then you will learn various painting techniques from developing the background to painting the smallest details. There will be a small mini show on the last day and you will have a nice painting to take home.

Instructor will be doing demos and assisting students. Class will practice techniques and lessons, then apply those lessons to a painting they work on throughout the course.

Topics to be covered:

  • Basic acrylic techniques
    • Brush holding
    • Color mixing
    • Use of mediums
    • Paint applications
  • Wildlife/landscape aspects of painting
    • Business basics
    • Know your subject
    • References/research
  • Composition of wildlife and landscapes
    • Basics of composition
    • Factors specific to wildlife and landscapes
    • How does the subject relate to its environment?
    • Factoring in color balancing
  • Background painting
    • Masking
    • Soft blending/mixing
    • Mood
    • Vignettes
  • Painting the foreground/subject
    • Paint the middle, foreground
    • Apply mixing techniques
    • How to apply the layers of color
  • Fine tuning
    • Detail techniques
    • Painting, fur and feathers
    • Tying colors in together
    • Mini show in class


(Full list available for purchase on Jerry’s Artarama website under the class supply list for Wildlife in Acrylics)

Acrylic paint

Liquitex heavy bodied (2oz tubes)

  • Hookers green hue
  • Burnt sienna
  • Burnt umber
  • Yellow oxide
  • Unbleached titanium
  • Titanium white
  • Prussian blue hue
  • Neutral gray #5
  • Dioxazine purple


  • Princeton velvet touch 3/8” anglular shader
  • Princeton velvet touch 10/0 liner
  • Princeton velvet touch 18/0 short liner
  • Princeton velvet touch 1” wash
  • Princeton velvet touch ¼” angular shader
  • Windsor and newton artist acrylic brush bright 8


  • The color wheel company-the artist’s color wheel
  • Strathmore 300 series canvas paper 12×16 glue bond pad square
  • Incredible white mask kit #2 with dipstick – 2 oz jar

I will be providing any additional supplies you will need outside of this list.

Award-winning wildlife artist Nancy Tome, specializes in realistic acrylic paintings of birds and other wildlife. A self-taught artist, Nancy has an extensive wildlife background as a zookeeper and volunteering for Dept. of Interior, FWS, USFWS, and USGS. She has also been judge for the Florida and Federal Jr Duck Stamp competitions, as well as, a board member for Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge.

Even though Nancy paints in acrylic, her highly detailed paintings are often mistaken for photography. Nancy’s paintings are the result of years of technical practice and a passion for art and wildlife. Nancy strives to capture positive emotion based on ‘a day in the life’ of her subjects.

Her paintings are hanging in several galleries and in private collections locally and around the world. See more of Nancy’s art at