What Do I Do with All These Photos? Learning to Manage Your Images and Gain Peace of Mind

David Batley

Wednesday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


$20 members/$25 non-members

Learn to take control of your photos stored on your camera, cell phone, computer, tablet and other devices through proper methods for organizing and archiving digital and all types of film images. Discussed will be digital file formats, storage options, including the “cloud,” and transitioning images to newer technologies. The “digital afterlife” concept will also be discussed, ensuring students are aware of what happens to their “digital assets,” including social media accounts when they pass on. This workshop will help students get started, ease stress and gain some peace of mind

This workshop is for everyone who has accumulated hundreds or thousands of photos that are stored on their camera memory card, cell phone, computer, tablet or other devices, including old albums, prints and slides, and is looking for efficient ways of organizing and safely storing the images. Students will be coached to create a plan to organize photos, both digital and film. They will learn efficient ways to get the photos from their camera, smartphone, computer, etc., and properly archive them in a safe and secure way. Various storage solutions will be discussed with advantages and disadvantages of each. These methods include hard drives, CDs, DVDs, solid state devices, and the new M-disc technology, as well as safely storing prints for long-term archival purposes. Students will learn the difference in file formats, and which one is best. Use of cloud services will be explained, with advantages and disadvantages.

Students will be coached through a process of getting started with their own plan to establish priorities of what they feel is important in their own case. Instructor will demonstrate specific sequence to ensure correct archiving. The “digital afterlife” will be discussed, pointing out the need to plan for what happens to their digital files once they pass on, including ownership of their social media accounts and other “digital assets.”

Instructor will provide a handout with an outline of course content and resources that will be helpful for getting further information; no supplies required by student

Instructor Bio:

David Batley, a professional photographer and expert instructor, has been teaching photography for over 17 years. He enjoys sharing his passion with students in a clear, lively manner. He constantly updates his knowledge in the increasingly changing environment of digital photography and technical advances, translating this into easy-to-understand coaching.