Watercolor Sketchbook Journal Class

Mary Lou Peters

Monday & Tuesday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

1/8/2018- 1/9/2018

2 days: $149 members/$186 non-members

Students of all skill levels will learn a joyful way to record and keep memories in their own personal sketchbooks. They will learn to see their world through new eyes as they paint pages from their travels, gardens, holidays, and everyday life in their own charming illustrated journals.

Class will be held on two consecutive days: Monday and Tuesday OR Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 to 3 with an hour break for lunch. Bring your own brown bag lunch.We will be having lunch in the courtyard and painting in the courtyard and on the grounds surrounding the arts center, weather permitting. We will be in the classroom for part of each morning and afternoon, and outdoors part of the time.

For examples of instructor’s art work, please visit www.maryloupeters.com.

Day 1:
Journaling basics
Page layouts
Subjects for painting
Paint a page or two

Day 2:
More lettering
More borders
Tips for painting outdoors
Paint more pages


Journal with heavyweight paper (140 lb. smooth for writing on). I use Stillman&Birn Zeta Series, 5×8, hardcover, spiral bound sketchbook

Small palette: I use a Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box by Sakura, 24 colors. Bring a large size zip lock top plastic bag to hold your palette after a painting session.

Brush: I use the water brush that comes with the Koi Kit, or you can buy a travel watercolor travel brush size 6

Water cup with screw-on cap. Must be leak-proof.

Pencil with #2 lead

Kneaded eraser (doesn’t leave marks or eraser debris)

Correction pen (white ink)

Pigma Micron pen, black ink, point size 03. You may also use 01 or 05. Your pen MUST be permanent ink)

Paper towels, 3 of them folded into squares in a sandwich size plastic bag.

Small tote bag to hold these supplies (you may use a plastic grocery bag)

A foldable chair to sit on while painting

You may want to bring a stool to place your supplies on to keep them off the ground.

Brown bag lunch

(Any of these materials may be substituted with things you already have. Please email me with questions about this: marylou@maryloupeters.com)

I like to buy locally, and Three Crafty Ladies, a shop on Sanibel Island (1628 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-2893), carries watercolor sketchbooks and Koi kits. Tell them my name as instructor and they will know exactly what I have specified that you will need. If art supplies are not available near you, Amazon.com carries the sketchbook and watercolor sketch box that I prefer. Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies (a catalog/online store www.cheapjoes.com; 1-800-227-2788) is also a source for supplies on this list.

I suggest buying your supplies as soon as you register for the class to allow for any backorder situations. Please email me (marylou@maryloupeters.com) if you have questions about this list or about using supplies you might already have.


Mary Lou Peters has been painting in watercolors for 27 years and keeping an illustrated journal for nearly that long. She has taught children and adults, beginners through advanced levels, for the past 7 years. Her style can be loose or detailed, and she likes to use rich, vibrant colors that bringto mind the feel of Sanibel. Her work may be viewed at www.maryloupeters.com.