Acrylic Painting, Still Life

Barbara Lipman

Tuesday, 9:30 am – 11:30 am

11/7/2017- 12/12/2017

1/16/2018- 2/20/2018

6 weeks: $84 members/$105 non-members

I provide a different set up each week.  Everyone does their own loose interpretation of the still life.  Instructor walks around class and offers advice.  Works are then displayed for class to view and discuss.  I paint very loosely and very quickly, not slowly and carefully.  The aim is your emotional response to what you are creating – not like a photograph – you can use a camera to capture that.  I want the painter’s interpretation and feeling to come through, i.e. how you are reacting to what you are seeing and how you would evidence that feeling.

“I am a colorist” and my work incorporates strokes of frenetic energy and lyrical movement.  Many textures and techniques incorporated in my work with abundant repetition of pattern. I use mainly mixed media acrylics, crayon sticks, and gold paint and sprinkles (NOTE TO OURSELVES: sprinkles are difficult to clean up). I hope to elicit a visceral response from my viewer and hope to embrace the viewer with strong color, varied patterns, and numerous vignettes going inside my composition.”

Students should have some art experiences.

Supply List: NO chemicals, fumes or hot items. No oils.

  • Acrylic brushes are the best, the larger the better
  • Large container to keep changing water
  • Masking tape
  • Any mixed media supplies
  • Paper towels
  • Easels (BIG ARTS has a limited supply; signed out on first come basis)
  • Egg crates to put paint in and then close to save for next time (put colors in order)
  • Spray bottle (available at Home Depot)
  • Canvas or canvas paper, (optional; not too large since set ups change each week)
  • Pads of paper for acrylics
  • Whatever else you’d like for you to be comfortable