Intermediate Watercolor

Philip Hilton

Monday, 9:00 am – 11:30 am

1/15/2018- 2/19/2018

6 weeks: $105 members/$131 non-members

I am a firm believer in “learning by doing,” so all classes will involve demonstrations while students paint along with the instructor. Students are encouraged to bring examples of their work to the first class to help the instructor learn their strengths and where he can help them improve. For those who have been trying watercolor, but need some help – this is the answer.

The first session will be a number of painting exercises involving skies, clouds and sunsets. All other classes will be based on step by step demonstrations with the class following to create their own painting. Subjects will be varied to utilize as many different watercolor techniques as possible. In order to achieve the same painting result as the instructor’s demo, it is essential that all students be using the same paper and materials. Hands on help will always be provide as requested.

Course Summary

Each session is a new and different subject demonstrated and explained as you paint along with your friendly instructor. Enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of fresh, brilliant watercolor as you “learn by doing.” If you done a bit of watercolor and could use some direction, this course is for you. All the important techniques are included as we create our watercolor masterpieces.


The following are recommended minimum materials for the serious beginning watercolor painter as compiled by Phil Hilton. The best and least expensive source is:

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff
374 Industrial Park Drive
Boone, NC 28607

Phone (Toll-free) 1-800 227-2788

GET A DISCOUNT ON YOUR ORDER! Just say: Phil Hilton’s class – Code , PH17

These materials are essential to these classes.

Optional -Consider obtaining from Cheap Joe’s “Gator Board”, lightweight, rigid surface on which to mount your paper. (GAB -1,) or any lightweight 12” x 16” surface to tape your paper down. You will need some surface under your painting as you work.

Other materials you may find locally or around home are:

Cheaper paper on which to try out your colors. Two large plastic bowls such margarine tubs. Soft paper toweling – 1/2″ masking tape, safety razor blades, small bar of soap, #2 household pencils. Pocket knife or nail file. A small, old, stiff bristle painting brush for use as a “scrubber.”

Do not use substitutes from this list,(especially the paper,) as your work product will not be the same as the rest of the class.

*Discount applies to any regular catalog priced item.
**This order of paper will be more than required for class, and enough to split between two persons.


Phil Hilton is a signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society, and has exhibited and won awards in six states. He has taught for over 25 years; locally at the (then) Edison College, Alliance for the Arts, at many local retirement communities and aboard ships of several major cruise lines.

Originally from Ohio, Phil has had instruction from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Allegheny Community College and many painting workshops from nationally known watercolorists. He has painted since childhood, but focused on watercolor for the past thirty years. Most recently his work was hung at the Berne Davis Gallery during a juried exhibit in March, 2017.