Virtual Figure Drawing from Photographic Reference

This course will focus on the development and improvement of basic drawing skills and concepts with an emphasis on observation and visual problem solving. Representation and expression will be explored through the use of black and white drawing media. Critiques will be used to develop the student’s ability to formulate and verbalize knowledgeable responses to visual production. This class will be taken from the comfort of your own home!

Students in this class will use charcoal to work on the following figure drawing arrangements:
• Introduction to gesture drawing and structural drawing
• Essential forms to construct the human figure
• Cross contour lines and landmarks to help give the figure volume and perspective
• Connecting volumes, volumes overlaps and foreshortening
• Core shadows versus cast shadows
• Sighting and clock angles
• Weight distribution.
• Understanding of anatomy.

The workshop is designed to give beginners a way to understand and learn how to draw, focusing on the human figure. Francesco’s one-on-one assistance and feedback ensure beginners students’ understanding and keep advanced and returning students engaged and challenged.

• Charcoal pencil 2B and 4B
• Compressed charcoal stick
• Kneaded eraser
• Charcoal paper and newsprint.
• Blending stumps of assorted sizes
• Paper towels
• Zoom program or app downloaded on your device. (While phones and tablets do work, we strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer so you can view the instructor and demos on the largest screen possible.)

Francesco grew up in Rome, Italy, and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. He came to the U.S. in 1999 and worked as a product and industrial designer for Nike, Reef, Burton, Herman Miller and Paul Smith. In 2012, he received his MFA with a focus on figure painting and drawing. Francesco’s true passion for art is reflected in his teaching, which he has done for the past five years at Montana State University and St. Petersburg College.

Three-Week Series

Tuesdays, 9:30 am –12:00 pm

February 2 –16, 2021
March 2–16, 2021$


Classes will be presented via Zoom.

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