Art by the disABLEd

 The Lee Health Art by the disABLEd program is for individuals with disabilities, it often can be difficult to find a place to showcase and sell their work. The Arts in Healthcare program at Lee Health changed that in our community by forming a group for these artists and displaying their work for sale in dedicated galleries at each of our four hospitals, as well as, the Riverwalk Rehabilitation Center, the Cardiology Center on Bass Road in Fort Myers and the Sanibel-Captiva Trust Company on Sanibel.

The galleries not only add beauty to our hospitals and facilities, but they also help extinguish old stereotypes about the capabilities of persons with disabilities, highlighting their achievements and reinforcing their significance in our society.  In addition to rotating artwork through the galleries, on a periodic basis, our program helps keep the artists up-to-date on other exhibitions, sales and continuing education opportunities.

The Arts in Healthcare program also participates in area art shows at local centers, including the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, The Alliance for the Arts, ArtFest in Fort Myers, and here at BIG ARTS on Sanibel. Together, these shows attract a wider audience and give our disABLEd artists broader exposure.

The program is grateful to BIG ARTS for providing this beautiful gallery space to proudly display work from area artists with special abilities.

Proceeds from sales at this showing benefit the artists themselves, as well as, the Arts in Healthcare program in general.  For more information, call Doug MacGregor, Arts in Healthcare Coordinator-Lee Health, (239) 343-2633.