The new and exciting 2024 Lecture Series season is underway:  A brand new FORUM and Talking Points! Stay tuned and watch your email.

Speakers & Discussions


Our heartfelt appreciation to the following committee members who lend their precious time and talent to make the FORUM program such a success. We could not be more grateful!

Gary Chesley (Chair), Jeff Savarise (Vice-Chair), Janice Block Chaddock, Dean Chavis, Aaron Cohen, Millard Everhart & Anne Golden   

Talking Points

We are equally grateful to the talented and knowledgeable Talking Points committee members for their hard work to engage such a remarkable roster of expert speakers and for creating a stimulating post lecture Q&A and group discussion.

Arlene Dillon (Chair), Art Brisbane, Mary Ganske, Keith McWalter, Sarah Peck & Miriam Pepper