Watercolor Secrets Revealed

Tom Lynch

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

1/5/2018- 1/7/2018

3 days: $375 members/$469 non-members

Tom’s objective is to show the vast range and flexibility of water color. You will learn new techniques; how to plan for success; build a successful painting; and to put drama, emotion,and conviction into your art. This award winning artist will show you how to push the limits of color, contrast, and light. Tom likes to put fun into the process of painting. He has an organized program, with lots of visuals, that sets a goal for each day and sees that each student has an example and understanding of that day’s

lesson. You will see daily demonstrations with detailed explanations of all the how’s and why’s, followed by plenty of individual attention, and a positive critique session. Past students have said of his workshops… “the best workshop I have ever had”… “never a dull moment”… “learned more in one day than I have in years”… “Patient, positive and knowledgeable.”

I start the first day talking and teaching while doing a few simple demos. Then work individually with everyone. In the afternoon, we recreate in parts my morning demo, painting on 1/4 sheets: working on…

  • How to “Think Like An Artist” while using the techniques discussed.
  • Spray bottle techniques
  • Brush stroke techniques

The second day I work slowly and concentrate on the building blocks of what makes for a successful painting.

Focusing on these painting lessons (again on 1/4 sheets of paper):

  • How to paint loose
  • Art words before you start
  • Stages to follow
  • Color mixing and application
  • Value studies

Again, a lot of visuals, demos, and individual help. The paintings that we do become guidelines for the following day.

The third day I do a morning demo; Each with a lesson and theme (i.e. Sunlight & Shadow, The WOW Factor). Then answer questions and work individually on whatever the student wants or needs (i.e. you and I can play with more techniques or create a finished painting). Followed by a class critique at the end of the day.

Supply List, plus attachment

  • Gemini watercolor paper
  • “dot” spray bottles
  • Few specialty colors of Holbein paint
  • Your lunch


Tom Lynch is a master watercolorist and educator with over 35 years of experience. Host of the popular TV series “Fun with Watercolor” and the author of eight books. His art work has been featured in Galleries nationwide; the American Embassy in Paris; the U.S. Open; and several PGA and LPGA Tournaments. Tom has been honored with numerous awards including two Lifetime Achievement Honors; Landscape Artist of the Year; and First Honorary member of the Canadian Watercolor Society. He has also received many Plein Air awards.  Every popular Art Magazine has featured his writings including the recent “Advice from 20 of the Greatest Teachers” (American Artist) and “Tips from a Master” (International Artist). Tom has a passion for teaching and that same passion is evident in his work. He is a natural teacher who is especially intuitive in developing the student’s own individual needs. Welcome to the watercolor world of Tom Lynch…Let him lead you on an exciting watercolor adventure in color, contrast, and light!