Clay Sculpting and Pottery on the Wheel

Marjorie Bronsted

Wednesday, 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

1/10/2018- 2/14/2018

2/21/2018- 3/28/2018

4/11/2018- 5/16/2018

6 weeks: $98 members/$123 non-members

Course Description

A fun clay class.  If you’d like to try clay hand building, sculpture or making pots on the wheel, this is the class for you.  This is a good general clay class that has beginners and advanced students working together.  All experience level of students are welcome.  Marjorie can help you with sculpture, mold making of beginning drape pots.

Supply List

  • Instructor will discuss at first class.
  • Clay may be purchased from BIG ARTS is $25 per 25 lb. bag.
  • Studio Fee:  $25 payable once per year

Instructor Bio

Marjorie Bronsted has her Bachelors of Science in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.  She’s worked under Tomas Fleming of New York and Robert Segal of Chicago, and is currently teaching Art – Pottery/Ceramics and Painting, Portfolio, and Drawing at Bishop Verot High School.