Registration is now open for our 2018 BIG ARTS Summer Arts Camp! BIG ARTS Summer Arts Camp offers a fun, unique, and well-rounded program of visual and performing arts for 1st - 5th graders. Each week begins a new session with a new theme. Throughout the week, campers create art projects that correspond with that week’s theme, as well as participate in music and theater classes. Each weekly session concludes with a short program which includes a display of our campers’ artwork and a performance of what they’ve learned in their music and theater classes. Our 2018 dates and themes are listed below.

We also have an apprentice program for 6th - 12th graders. During the first half of our summer camp program (June 11-29), our middle and high school apprentices have the opportunity to earn community services hours by assisting our campers in their classes. Apprentices may volunteer for the full camp day (9am-3pm) or choose to volunteer during the morning or afternoon only. During the second half of our summer camp program (July 9-27), we will be offering art classes to our middle and high school apprentices, in addition to the opportunity to earn community service hours. Apprentices may choose to do both volunteering and classes, volunteer only, or participate in class only.

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Week One - June 11-15

Superheroes Assemble!

What is your super power? The power to fly? Invisibility? Can you turn vegetables into ice cream? This week at camp, unleash your inner superhero. You get to decide your name, your super power, design your superhero costume, and join forces with your fellow superheroes to save the world of art, music, and theatre!

Week Two - June 18-22

Futuristic Fun

Flying cars? Robot assistants?Vacations to Mars? What does the future look like? This week at camp, you get to decide! With a little paint, a dash of glitter, a bit of glue, and LOTS of imagination, design the future of your wildest dreams!

Week Three - June 25-29

Welcome To The Jungle

Lions and tigers and campers? Oh my! This week at camp, we’ll explore the animal kingdom. From the king of the jungle to our furry friends in the forest to the cuddly creatures who live in our own homes, this week is all about animals!

Week Four - July 9-13

Spirit Week

Every day this week is a new opportunity to show off your camp spirit! We’ll kick off the week with Fun Hat Monday where you can showcase your funkiest head gear. Then we’ll slide into Wacky Sock Tuesday with the wackiest socks you can find. Next we’ll tackle Holiday Hump Day by dressing up as our favorite holidays. Then it’s on to a comfy Pajama Thursday before diving into When I Grow Up Friday, where you have a chance to dress up as your future self.

Week Five - July 16-20

BIG ARTS Summer Camp’s Got Talent

Do you juggle? Can you tap dance? Do you know the capital of every state? Everyone has a special talent. This week at camp, show us yours! We’ll use our unique talents to create art, teach each other new tricks, and most important – have fun!

Week Six - July 23-27

Pack Your Passport

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? This week at camp, we’re going on an adventure around the globe! We’ll explore the pyramids of Egypt, check out the masterpieces at the Louvre, and more... all without ever leaving Sanibel

(There will be no summer camp the week of July 2-6)


The Art of Upcycling – July 9-13

Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and beautiful. When you combine your creativity with the right tools, old clothing, furniture, and even everyday household items can be given new life as wearable accessories, home décor, and unique gifts. This week, you’ll be given the tools and techniques to turn recycling into refashioning.

Drawing to Painting – July 16-20

This week you’ll learn the process of turning a drawing into a painting. We’ll begin with the basics of composition, followed by an introduction to acrylic painting and color theory. By breaking down the process step by step, you’ll see how easily an idea in your head can turn into a completed work of art on canvas.

Sculpting With Unconventional Materials – July 23-27

Often when we think of sculpture, we think of clay, but with the right tools and determination, you can create three dimensional masterpieces out of all sorts of materials. This week, you’ll learn how beautiful works of art can be sculpted out of unconventional items such as cardboard, plastic, and wire.