Monday Night Films

Will run on Mondays from November 2017 – April 2018. Stay tuned for our final line up as it becomes available. Please call 239-395-0900 for ticket information for Monday Night Films or visit the Master Calendar for schedule and tickets when they become available.

Award-winning Documentaries

Award-Winning Documentaries will be screened at Island Cinema, 535 Tarpon Bay Road, Sanibel. 

De Palma
De Palma (2015)
March 7


A documentary on Hollywood, “Carrie” “Dressed to Kill” “Scarface” “The Untouchables” – a thoughtful and often hilarious look at the ups and downs of the American film industry over the last half-century, as seen through the eyes of one of its most idiosyncratic participants.

The Eagle Huntress
The Eagle Huntress (2016)
March 14


“The Eagle Huntress,” a sky-high documentary salute to girl power, is at its best when it soars with a purity of purpose while propelled by a humbly determined 13-year-old Mongolian girl on the brink of breaking through an ancient gender divide. By her side are her two faithful companions, a majestic golden eagle chick that she is about transform into a mighty pursuer of prey and her supportive nomadic herder father—Nurgaiv, a two-time champion hunter himself.

Kedi (2016)
March 21


A documentary about the teeming street cat population in Istanbul. They are citizens moving through their lives, interacting with the cats in their neighborhoods. The human beings take it upon themselves to care for the cats, feed them, and just enjoy observing them. The director captures kindness in its purest form in this unexpectedly powerful film. It’s really a portrait of community a sense of life in Istanbul. Its diversity and beauty, its storefronts and waterfronts, its people.

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You
Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You (2016)
March 28


Arguably the most influential creator, writer, and producer in the history of television, Norman Lear brought primetime into step with the times. Using comedy and indelible characters, his legendary 1970s shows such as All In the Family, Maude, Good Times, and The Jeffersons, boldly cracked open dialogue and shifted the national consciousness, injecting enlightened humanism into sociopolitical debates on race, class, creed, and feminism. documentary